Paleosphere News Roundup – 26 August 2013


[Mark’s Daily Apple] From an Auditor’s Cubicle to Real Life Shepherd – My Primal Success Story
[Robb Wolf] Meals for the Week – Paleo Comfort Style
[Robb Wolf] Eating in All Directions
[PaleoHacks] 6 Workouts you can do at Home
[Primal Body Primal Mind] The Importance of Vitamin A to Avoid Vitamin D Toxicity
[Primal Body Primal Mind] Radiation and Your Health: To Iodine or Not to Iodine?
[Underground Wellness] The D-List: The Dirty Truth About Non-Organic Food
[The Fat Burning Man] Food for Thought: Skipping Breakfast Kills You and Hardvard Gets Smart About Fats… Kind of
[The Paleo Mom] What Are Nightshades?
[The Paleo Premise] Is Modern Disease Due to Agricultural Foods?


[PaleoHacks] Becoming Superhuman: Entrepreneurship in the Health World with Tony Stubblebine
[Caveman Doctor] #51 – Starvation by Experimentation
[Caveman Doctor] #50 – Out of Control Coffee
[Everyday Paleo] #51 Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast
[Not Just Paleo] #41 Jimmy Moore on his Book Cholesterol Clarity, Eggs, Fats and How he Deals with Stress
[Not Just Paleo] #40 James Clear on Transforming Your Habits, fhe Downfall of Fitness Routines and How to Achieve Goals
[The Fat Burning Man] Dr. Sara Gottfried: How to Raise Testosterone (hint: orgasm!), Biohacking, and Why Cholesterol is Good for You
[The Fat Burning Man] Ben Coomber: The Paleo Diet, Why the Perfect Body Does not Equal Happiness, and What it’s Like to be Fat
[The Bulletproof Executive] #57 Becoming Alpha, Dispelling Myths & Making Changes with Adam Bornstein

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